About Project - Private Tour guide in SLOVAKIA
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About Project

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Dear Visitor of my website,

Are you looking for translator or a tour guide in Slovakia? Are you just a lonely tourist, journeyman, businessman or travel agent looking for long term partnership in Slovakia?

Or have you found Slovak ancestors? Are you planning to take a private genealogy tour / ancestry tour and explore your family roots in eastern Slovakia? Or just wanted to explore Slovakia heritage?

My name is Jozef and I would like to welcome you on my slovak private tour guide web site.

Firstly, let me tell you a few words about this project which is dedicated to visitor of Slovakia. Especially to the visitor of Eastern part of Slovakia.

This web site along with whole project as presented on this web site is my private project. It was funded from my pocket and based on information I have gathered and learned. Project was based and builded up from my initial idea and effort to promote tourism in the Eastern part of Slovakia.  Also aims  to help you by offering you my experience, local knowledge and language skills.

Especially, this web is dedicated to the english speaking tourists who are in need to have a company as well as private tour guide.

Why focus on the Eastern Slovakia? The Eastern part of Slovakia might not be as accesible as other parts of this beautiful country, but it will leave you with experience and impression which will remain with you for life. Diversity and multiple choice of tourist attractions will take you through historical, cultural, natural, folklore or religious parts, monuments and attractions of the Eastern part of Slovakia.

I have decided to offer you my experience, knowledge, skills and potential as a qualified private local tour guide in Bardejov.

As a private tour guide, I focus on the town of Bardejov where I also live nearby. I believe that being a local tour guide is the best way to promote my local heritage and attractions.  I am dedicated to offer you the best what I can to make you feel to come back again.

There are also different towns not far from Bardejov which are worth to visit: Presov, Poprad, Levoca, Stara Lubovna and Svidnik.

I would mention and recommend Vihorlat primeval beech forest (UNESCO), Medzilaborce (Museum of Andy Warhol), Memorial and cemetery of Czechoslovak Army in Dukla (near Svidnik), wooden churches in Slovakia (Bodruzal, Ladomirova, Hervartov, Kezmarov, Lukov, Fricka and others) wineries Orechova and Tokaj. I would not like to forget Tatra mountains, Spis castle, Lubovna castle, Cerveny Kamen castle and many others.

Also, I am able to offer you private car driver service in / to Slovakia, or, from neighboring countries and towns like Krakow, Rzeszów, Budapest, Wien, Brno, Prague, etc.

If you are looking for translator service in Bardejov or simply translator, I can accompany you and do translation for you.

Also, if you seek airport transport from or to nearby airports (Kosice, Poprad, Bratislava, Krakow, Rzeszow) I am able to offer you such a service as well.

Do you have business partner in Slovakia? Or are you looking for business partner in Slovakia? Furthermore, I can explore and arrange accommodation for you within your budget and working / business schedule. Business trip in Slovakia might be demanding and it is not easy being an ‚alien‘ in Slovakia.

Of course, I am not able to cover all areas or attractions you might desire to visit or to discover in Slovakia. But this is a reason, why I have started to work on this project. I am opened to any of your ideas or proposals, so should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact me. Please read the FAQs for more details.

All information which you will find on my web site are aiming to offer you awesome places worth seeing before you leave back to home. This is by no means a comprehensive offer, just a starting points based on my personal experience.

So wishing you the best discoveries of Eastern part of Slovakia.