FAQs - Private Tour guide in SLOVAKIA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me something about yourself?

My name is Jozef, I was born in 1979.  Since I was born, I have been living in the small village in the district of Bardejov, which is part of Presovsky kraj, Slovakia.

Why you decided to start this project and what is a reason behind that?

I have decided to offer my services and help to the english speaking visitors, travel agents, businessman, bypassers and travellers. I feel that this region where I live deserves higher level of support and propagation.

So do you offer your services on behalf of company or do you act as a private tour guide?

I do offer my service as a private tour guide.

Do you have a tour guide license?

Yes, I hold accredited tour guide qualification from 2017.  Upon your request, I am happy to email you my Tour Guide Certificate.

So when you will be available if I am interested to hire you?

My service commenced from 1st of October 2017.

If you wish to use my services, feel free to contact me accordingly.

As a tour guide, are you orientated only for the Eastern part of Slovakia?

As I live a few kilometers from the town of Bardejov, it is really the best idea to focus on the town of Bardejov. But Poland is just behind the corner too.

What range of services can you offer?

I can offer you various services and points of interests beyond the places I named on this project. As long as your are really opened to me with your ideas, I can explore them and provide you a feedback whether I am able to accomplish it.

Do you have a car so we can use your transport service during our trips with you?

Yes, I have driving license and I do have my own car (4+1) which can be used during your tour upon agreement.

Can you offer airport transport service?

I am able to offer this transport service as well. This is upon agreement but can be used within Slovakia or from neighbouring countries like Poland, Hungary, Austria or Czech republic.

I am planning a business trip to Slovakia. Are you able to help me out?

Yes. If you feel or being worried as a being an ‚alien‘ I am able to explore and book accomodation for you, check buses / trains schedules or ensure you use public transport correctly.

Do you prefer individuals or groups?

Groups, couples and individuals are welcomed.

How can I plan my trip with you?

The best way is to contact me directly to find out whether preferred date and start time are still available. I do the rest to respond you in the timely manner.

We do not have travel itinerary. Can you help us?

Whether you have your own travel itinerary or not, I am happy to give you some travel tips or prepare your travel itinerary based on your preference or convenience.

What about pick up location?

Whether your arrival destination is within the Slovakia or outside of Slovakia, I have no problem to arrive to pick you up once trip is mutually agreed.

What about pricing and cost of your services?

You might want to plan flexible tour with flexible program and because of these reason please contact me accordingly with your ideas of program flow. I believe it can offer you freedom to choose what suits you the best.

Do you have any references, feedback or reviews of your service?

You can find feedback, reviews and experience from my previous clients on the web site of Tripadvisor

What about the used images on your website?

In fact please give all credits and acknowledgments to the following authors as the rights holders, where I might have used their images where appropiate: Jeff Hart (taken from flicker), Ľuboš Repta (taken from wiki commnos), Pudelek (taken from wiki commons), Ben Skála, Benfoto (taken from wiki commons), Sebastian Mierzwa (taken from wiki commons). Many thanks to the all guys from Pixabay where some photos were also taken. Your rights are not affected. Should you have any issues with images I have used on these project, feel free to contact me directly.