Region of Stara Lubovna - Private Tour guide in SLOVAKIA
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Region of Stara Lubovna

About This Project

Pieniny National Park – this smallest national park (almost only 40 ha) offers you unique opportunity to explore park itself as well as experience rafting on the river of Dunajec. You will be able to discover about 9km long path which you can raft by using kayaks or canoes. There is also nice cycling trip which copies the trail of Dunajec river.

Red Monastery – nearby monastery offers you another unique experience placed within the Pieniny region. Monastery is well known and connected to the Fray Cyprian who became known as a collector of medical herbs. His lifetime work and experience is gathered in the book called Herbarium and his heritage remains alive until these days.

Stara Lubovna Castle – medieval castle build up between 12th -13th century. First written mention is known from 1311. The oldest one part is tower and gothic palace. Castle has a rich history connected to the polish royal houses.


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